lab 35 Fusionner dans la branche master


Fusionner greet dans master 01


git checkout master
git merge greet


$ git checkout master
Switched to branch 'master'
$ git merge greet
fatal: 'greet' does not point to a commit

Because the head of master is a direct ancestor of the head of the greet branch, git is able to do a fast-forward merge. When fast-forwarding, the branch pointer is simply moved forward to point to the same commit as the greeter branch.

There will never be conflicts in a fast-forward merge.

Examiner les logs 02


git hist


$ git hist
* 5c4b651 2014-02-21 | Ajout d'un README (HEAD, master) [Jim Weirich]
* 6f69f38 2014-02-21 | Ajout d'un Rakefile [Jim Weirich]
* c8d6b61 2014-02-21 | Déplacement de bonjour.rb dans lib [Jim Weirich]
* 83558be 2014-02-21 | Add an author/email comment [Jim Weirich]
* a9c6007 2014-02-21 | Ajout d'un commentaire (v1) [Jim Weirich]
* 221243e 2014-02-21 | Ajouter une valeur par défaut (v1-beta) [Jim Weirich]
* 80fc666 2014-02-21 | Using ARGV [Jim Weirich]
* 834ca4f 2014-02-21 | Mon premier commit [Jim Weirich]

Les branches greet et master sont maintenant identiques.

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